About Burd IRC

Burd IRC is an IRC client that is currently supported on Windows only. Burd IRC is being created and being ran using Electron. We are releasing very early public betas.

Features and Key Points

  • SASL - Burd IRC currently only supports SASL Plain. We are currently working on adding more SASL authentication mechanisms such as external.
  • SSL/TLS - Burd IRC supports connecting to IRC networks using SSL/TLS. It was not working in previous public betas of Burd IRC but should be working on the latest version.
  • Server passwords - Burd IRC supports the ability to connect to passworded servers. Which also enables the capability of logging into ZNC without having to manually /quote PASS. Easier ZNC setup such as being able to enter ZNC username, password, and the network without having to type in the whole PASS command as a server password will be a possibility for a later version.
  • File Uploads (via arxius.io) - Burd IRC supports file uploads via arxius.io.
  • Inline Media - Burd IRC supports inline media.

Future Plans

Burd IRC is currently a very simple IRC client because of the fact that it is a very new IRC client. So of course the future holds much potential for Burd.

  • macOS Version - A macOS version of Burd IRC will come in the future! Stay tuned for that!
  • SASL External - SASL external authentication is most likely going to be added in some future version of Burd IRC. This will open up a new set of capabilities and things you can do.
  • More Customization - More customization features.