There are many ways you can help contribute to the Burd IRC Client project. We are looking for people to contribute to the project by doing things such as giving ideas for new features, ideas to improve current features, and ways to improve the client overall.

How you can contribute.

Here are the main method(s) that you can use to help contribute to the Burd IRC project.


You can contribute to Burd IRC by creating issues on our GitHub repo. We have issue templates for feature requests/suggestions and an issue template for bug/issue reports. You can report issues you are experiencing by submitting an issue to our GitHub repo. You can also submit your feature requests and suggestions as an issue on our GitHub repo.

IRC channel

The best way you can contribute to the Burd IRC client project is to come to our IRC channel and give us tips, opinions, things we can make better, tell us about bugs, etc.

Join our IRC channel: Ports: SSL: 6697 Non-SSL: 6667 Channel: #burdirc