File Uploading

Burd IRC uses for media and file uploads. As of Burd IRC 0.6.0 you can now use a custom site to upload media via Burd IRC.

Uploading Via Arxius

How To Upload

First Method: You can upload media while using Burd by either dragging and dropping the file of which you want to upload in the Burd IRC window.

Second Method: Or you can click the emoji button at the bottom right side of the screen and click upload file. Then find the file you want to upload and upload it.

Arxius API Key

If you do not have an arxius account and do not have an API key set in the Burd settings your files will be uploaded as an anonymous user. This also means you are unable to delete the file, change the title of the post, or change the description of the post.

If you have an arxius account you are able to obtain an API key so that your files are uploaded directly to your arxius account.

How To Obtain An API Key

Step One: Open your web browser and go to and make sure you are logged into your account.

Step Two: Open the JS console in your web browser and it should generate an API key.

Step Three: Copy and paste the API key into the Arxius API key input section in the Burd settings.


Arxius is an image uploading service owned and operated by Jordan Koch. ANY type of illegal content uploaded to this website will be reported to authorites.

Uploading Via Custom Site

As of Burd IRC version 0.6.0 you can now use a custom site or service to upload content via Burd.

more coming soon