Team and Contributors

Burd IRC is currently not known by many people at all. We are always looking for people to help us make Burd IRC better, tell people about Burd IRC, and contribute in general. Here are some contributors.

Development Team

Burd IRC has two developers. They are building Burd IRC and everything associated with it. They are doing many tasks.

  • Developing Burd IRC (coding, support, staff, etc)
  • Support - Helping users with issues they may overcome.
  • Staff - They operate and manage the IRC channel.

Beta Testing and Contribution

The beta testers of course test betas, but also make other contributions by testing betas, such as issues they find, suggestions, ideas. Some beta testers even provide services for Burd IRC to help make it better.

  • Beta Testing - Finding issues, bugs, suggestions, etc.
  • Other Contributions

Community Contributions

People from the community make contributions. They give ideas, suggestions, bugs, issues, etc. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback and support from the community. :)