IRC Channel Guidelines

User guidelines, rules, and expectations for our IRC channel. If you violate these rules action will be taken such as a kick, quiet, timed ban, or even a permanent ban from the channel. Depending on the severity of the situation you could recieve a network ban.

General Expectations

General Expectations that you should already know.

  1. Spamming/Flooding
    We will not tolerate ANY spamming. We have a bot present in the channel that handles flooding.
  2. Cursing
    Cursing is allowed. We please ask that you keep cursing at a minimum. If you overuse curse words or if you intentionally use curse words to insult other users you will be banned.
  3. Ban Evasion
    We will not tolerate ban evasion. If you have any questions regarding why you are banned we suggest you join #burdirc-help and ask any questions there.
  4. Racism/Hate Speech
    Racism/hate speech is NOT TOLERATED. This means any type of racist words, statements, or hate speech. You should know what you should say and what you should not. We have a bot present in the channel that will unfortunately only kick, and not ban users for using the prohibited words. Therefore operators will enforce the rule by setting a ban.
  5. Inappropriate Content
    Inappropriate content is NOT tolerated whatsoever. This means that any content such as pornography, NSFW content, links to innapropriate sites/content, etc.
  6. Harassment
    We will NOT tolerate the harassment of other users.
  7. Threats
    Making ANY type of threat about anything or anyone is NOT TOLERATED WHATSOEVER.
  8. Illegal Content/Activities
    Distribution or encouraging illegal content is against channel guidelines. The discussion or encouragement of illegal activites is also against channel guidelines. If you break this rule it is likely that freenode staff or even law enforcement will become involved.
  9. Freenode Policies
    Basically do NOT do anything that would get you a network ban, or anything that is against the Freenode Policies.


The IRC channel is a place were we can collaborate, discuss ideas, and overall stay on topic, the topic being the Burd IRC client project. Here are expectations for the type of discussions, conversations, and talk that should take place in the channel.

  1. Stay On Topic
    Our channel is not a social channel. The channels purpose is for Burd IRC discussion, not for talking about what you are doing tonight, what games you are playing, etc. We ask you keep the discussion on topic.
  2. Help Don’t Hinder
    Do not come in the channel to talk about how much better another client is, and about how Burd IRC sucks. We ask for helpful tips, and postive feedback. (Such as things that need improving, things you like, feature reccomendations)
  3. Asking for help
    Give a detailed explanation of the issue you are having. We also ask that you please be patient. We all have a life outside of IRC. If you do not have time to wait consider submitting an issue on our GitHub repo.

Help Channel

If you have any questions regarding the operation of our IRC channel please join #burdirc-help and ask us. This channel is not for questions related to the Burd IRC client it is for questions regarding issues in our IRC channel such as questions about a ban, users breaking rules, etc.

IRC Channel Information


We will not give cloaks out to ANYONE. We will only provide cloaks to TRUSTED contributors. So do not bother asking for a cloak.

Here is a list of the staff. If you have any concerns feel free to give one of us a shout in our IRC channel. (Except BurdIRC thats a bot :P)


Please remember anyone without a burdirc/* cloak is most likely NOT affiliated with the Burd IRC project.

Nick Role
duckgoose Channel Founder
DetectiveTaco Channel Founder
eskimo Channel Operator
BurdIRC Bot